About LifeMD

We’re here to take the complication and cost out of healthcare.
We exist to help patients, to ensure they get the quality care and resources they need to
stay healthy and happy– no matter their situation.

Our mission

For too many, healthcare is an impersonal place of bureaucracy, delay, and inscrutable expense – LifeMD is different.

  • LifeMD is about providing a caring, personalized experience that navigates the changing world of medicine for all. We are building healthcare – the way you deserve it.
  • We’re elevating the healthcare experience through telehealth, and provide our patients access to the quality medical care they need. Our purpose is to transform healthcare into something that is patient-centric, affordable and convenient.

To-date, LifeMD has helped over 600,000 patients and customers address their health and lifestyle goals.

LifeMD aims to expand quality and accessibility of care for all Americans, and serves patients in all 50 states.

What we do

For many Americans, going to see a doctor can be a huge inconvenience – and a pricey one at that. But LifeMD’s telehealth platform takes the time, cost, and complexity out of healthcare. Here’s how we do it:

  • Long commutes to a doctor’s office plus the time spent in the waiting room can make getting treatment feel like a whole-day ordeal. LifeMD offers members free same-day appointments with an online licensed healthcare provider, so patients can conveniently talk to a doctor on a day’s notice.
  • The out-of-pocket cost for lab work can get expensive, sometimes running upwards of $1,000. At LifeMD, patients can find at-home lab tests or tests at a local service center – for up to 95% off.
  • LifeMD believes that patients are best served when they are educated about their health, treatment options, and ways to save. That's why LifeMD offers content reviewed by healthcare professionals on a wide range of health topics to address any questions patients may have.
  • Everyone’s needs are different. LifeMD provides its members with the flexibility to access care according to their preferences through tiered care plans that cater to individual needs.

High quality healthcare doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. With just a few clicks, LifeMD helps patients experience the healthcare that they deserve.

Our values

LifeMD is driven by a shared mission of transforming and delivering healthcare that is honest, accessible and compassionate.

  • We obsess over patients and the quality of care provided to them.
  • We take pride in providing only the best products and services.
  • We are honest, and believe transparency lies at the heart of incredible healthcare.
  • We embrace diversity and believe that we are stronger and smarter because of it.
  • We are ambitious and believe that now is the time to transform healthcare.
  • We are accountable and strive to create value for our patients, employees, and shareholders alike.

Our commitment to privacy

At LifeMD, patients are our number one priority. Beyond providing incredible products and services, we aim to provide a safe and positive experience for our patients.

When our patients submit information, such as email for appointment reminders, we make sure to protect their privacy and safeguard their information. To learn more about how we treat information, see our privacy policy, which describes what data LifeMD collects and how we use it. All information we receive is stored securely and is only used to improve our service, to help us deliver better healthcare to our patients. We do not sell data to any third parties.

Who we are

Meet some of the real people working to radically transform healthcare for the better.
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Ryan Norton

Director of Customer Experience

Ryan is a team-first leader who brings the energy every day. After leading the North Carolina Tar Heels to the Men’s College Baseball World Series, Ryan transitioned into the professional ranks as a customer experience advocate. He leverages his deep understanding of SMS, voice and visual IVRs, email and live chat effectively to deliver premium customer service while streamlining processes. When he’s not working, you can catch Ryan hanging out with his son or working on his short game.