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Accessible and affordable virtual healthcare at your fingertips. Get personalized medical treatment and prescription medication from board-certified online doctors via video chat.

  • Talk to a doctor from anywhere and at any time — no office visits required.
  • Get medication prescribed for pickup (or delivery to your door in some cases).
  • Save time, money, and hassle by minimizing the need for in-person doctor visits.
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How LifeMD works

Seeing an online doctor is easy with LifeMD.
Step 1

Book a telehealth appointment from wherever you are. No insurance required.

Step 2

Meet with a board-certified doctor or nurse practitioner from your mobile device.

Step 3
Pick it up

Get a prescription if needed (save up to 90%), and pick it up at your local pharmacy.

Prescription services

With LifeMD, you’ll be able to schedule appointments on short notice and at times that work for you (yes —evenings and weekends, too!). Skip the trip to the doctor’s office — because at LifeMD, your licensed healthcare providers are just across the screen.

If necessary, your online doctor will prescribe medication and electronically send the script to your local pharmacy so you can pick up the medication on your schedule.

Our online prescription services take the hassle out of healthcare with a simple, straightforward video visit.

Online doctor visits

When you’re feeling sick, the last thing you want to do is leave your home and go sit in a doctor’s office. With LifeMD, you can easily get telemedicine services from the comfort of your couch.

Your online doctor appointment will take place via phone or video chat, and you can expect the same high-quality healthcare you’d receive from an in-person appointment — without the hassle!

We offer same-day appointments. No more spending hours in waiting rooms to get the personalized care and medications you need to get well.
Your health is our top priority, and our virtual care services are designed to give you straightforward, affordable access to medical care when you need it most.

Lab tests

Our online medical services also include lab testing. We have partnerships with national lab chains, allowing you to get your labs done quickly and easily.

Your test results will be sent to the doctor or nurse practitioner overseeing your care at LifeMD, who will review them with you during your follow-up online visit.

You can save up to 95% on many lab tests through LifeMD.

Transparency and convenience

Join LifeMD and get expert healthcare without leaving your home. You’ll nurture a relationship with your doctor and receive ongoing, high-quality care — as well as discounts on your lab work and medications.

Our membership pricing is transparent. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, and get immediate access to top-rated online doctors. Simply by subscribing to LifeMD, you could save up to $872 a year on medical expenses.

Moreover, being a LifeMD member could allow you to reclaim up to 7.5 hours each year that you'd otherwise spend traveling to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, and so much more.

Expanding care with
Rex MD

Rex MD — as part of the LifeMD family — discreetly addresses men’s health concerns such as erectile dysfunction (ED), hair loss, and sleep difficulties. Offering a convenient online solution, it tackles common issues that might feel uncomfortable to discuss during a traditional in-person doctor visit.

Offering a convenient online solution, it tackles common issues that might feel uncomfortable to discuss during a traditional in-person doctor visit.

Through a straightforward process, patients provide details about their health history and current symptoms. Licensed physicians then carefully review this information to prescribe the appropriate medication, with the added benefit of free shipping.

Visit RexMD Website