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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Common Causes and Risk Factors for Urinary Tract Infections

There are many misconceptions around UTIs and who can get them. Learn about the factors that put you at risk, how to avoid them, and how you can treat a urinary tract infection if you do get one.

How to Get Rid of a UTI Infection: Everything You Should Know

Discover treatment options for getting rid of your urinary tract infection that you can ask your doctor about during an online appointment.

Everything You Need to Know About UTI Testing

Unsure about if you have a UTI? You may need to get tested. Learn how UTI testing works, what to expect, and the potential risks associated with the different methods.

Recognizing and Addressing Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

UTIs can be painful and frightening, with their long list of potential symptoms and complications. Discover the most common UTI signs to look out for, and how the infection could be unique to you.

Can a UTI Go Away on its Own?

Antibiotics are an effective treatment for UTIs. However, the body can often resolve a very minor, uncomplicated UTI on its own without the help of antibiotics.

Is There a Difference Between a Kidney Infection and a UTI?

A UTI refers to an infection in the lower urinary tract, while a kidney infection specifically involves an infection in the kidneys. Learn how to tell the difference, plus get tips on how to prevent these infections in the first place.

How Long Can You Have Chlamydia Before it Causes Damage?

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S., but it often goes untreated. Learn about the effects of an untreated chlamydia infection as well as preventive steps you can put in place.

Why is My Discharge Brown?

When a person has brown vaginal discharge, it is likely that the discharge contains a small amount of old menstrual blood, which is blood that has taken slightly longer to exit the uterus. Learn more about brown vaginal discharge.

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