What You Need to Know About Wegovy and Alcohol

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As with any drug, alcohol can interact with Wegovy and impact its effectiveness. Wegovy may lead to side effects – including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and low blood sugar – all of which can be made worse with alcohol consumption.

To ensure Wegovy works effectively and to avoid any potential health risks, you should be aware of what to avoid while taking this prescription medication.

In this article, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know about the potential effects of consuming alcohol while taking Wegovy, including best practices to avoid adverse reactions.

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What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is an FDA-approved brand name medication for weight management. Its active ingredient semaglutide works by mimicking the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist hormone (GLP-1). While the GLP-1 hormone occurs naturally in our bodies when we eat, this medication promotes its actions even further. GLP-1 is responsible for:

  • Stimulating insulin

  • Slowing down digestion

  • Suppressing the appetite

These processes are important in managing weight and even in promoting weight loss.

Can You Drink Alcohol on Wegovy?

The FDA has not provided warnings for drinking alcohol while taking Wegovy, though it is not recommended. Drinking alcohol while taking Wegovy may lead to various medical issues, and even exacerbate Wegovy side effects.

It’s safest to limit alcohol consumption while taking Wegovy to avoid weight gain and control blood sugar levels. Most alcoholic beverages are highly caloric, with a standard glass of wine at approximately 123 calories and about 154 calories in a beer.

Studies have also found that alcohol consumption can lead to “drunchies” – the desire to eat (typically unhealthy) foods after a big night of drinking.

If you are trying to lose weight, this is another reason why you may want to steer clear of alcohol.

What are the Side Effects of Mixing Alcohol & Wegovy?

Blood sugar problems

When consuming alcohol while using Wegovy, there is a possibility of significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels – especially for individuals with diabetes.

If your blood sugar is not managed properly, you should avoid alcohol consumption. When a person’s blood sugar drops, there is an increased risk of hypoglycemia — which is when glucose levels become dangerously low.

This risk is particularly evident when initiating Wegovy treatment or if combined with other diabetes medications such as insulin or sulfonylureas.

Reduced liver function

Another potential risk of consuming alcohol while taking Wegovy is that it can impair liver function.

The liver plays a crucial role in eliminating various substances and toxins from the body, including alcohol and medications.

When the liver is strained due to alcohol consumption, it may not be able to effectively metabolize substances such as Wegovy.

Kidney issues

Studies have shown that a few individuals using Wegovy have encountered acute kidney injury or kidney failure – although this is uncommon.

Although the precise impact of alcohol on the kidneys remains uncertain, research indicates that excessive alcohol consumption can elevate blood pressure and potentially contribute to kidney disease.

Likewise, the research has established that alcohol use disorder, characterized by difficulty controlling alcohol intake, can heighten the risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Pancreatic problems

Another serious but uncommon side effect of Wegovy is pancreatitis – characterized by inflammation of the pancreas.

Research indicates that prolonged alcohol consumption can contribute to the development of pancreatitis. Alcohol has the potential to trigger premature activation of pancreatic digestive enzymes, resulting in inflammation and enlargement of the organ.

In certain instances, pancreatitis can cause lasting harm to the pancreas and may necessitate hospitalization.


Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more frequently. This could lead to dehydration, which can impact your blood glucose.

Research has found that dehydration can result in significant spikes in blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous for individuals with diabetes who are taking Wegovy as a treatment.

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Tips for Drinking Alcohol While on Wegovy

If you do choose to have a drink while taking Wegovy, some drinks may be better than others.

You may want to opt for drinks that have less alcohol per serving, like a light beer vs. a strong IPA, for example.

If you’re more of a cocktail person, choose drinks that have less sugar over overly-sweet and sugary ones.

Wines typically have lots of sugar, as it’s needed for the fermentation process. If a nice glass of wine is what you’re craving, try a dryer wine like a bubbly Brut, a Sauvignon Blanc if you like white, or a Pinot Noir if you prefer a red.

While these low-sugar options can be healthier options while on Wegovy, any drink containing alcohol has the same potential risks when on this medication.

Some more guidelines to follow when taking Wegovy and drinking alcohol include:

  • Setting an alarm to take your Wegovy dose and other medications if drinking alcohol makes you forget to do this

  • Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, as this could increase your risk of high or low blood sugar levels

  • Not drinking alcohol if you know that you are currently experiencing low blood sugar

  • Ensuring you drink plenty of water while consuming alcohol to prevent dehydration

  • Avoiding drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

  • Eating a high protein and fat snack before you go to bed after drinking at night as this may help to stabilize your blood sugar while you sleep

Where Can I Learn More About Wegovy and Alcohol Usage?

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